For this project I was asked to create my own brief on a subject I felt I could achieve high in. For this I decided to create a fashion magazine for young adults ages between 16 and 25, which are females. This was because I felt that I could relate back to what the audience was interested in and also have my own twist to the spreads. Overall I feel that my target audiences are young modern fashionable young adults, who are able to afford up to the minute designs as well as your high street stores like Primark and New look. The brief I set out was:


Brief: The title of this project is Fashion magazine as my project will be to design my own fashion magazine with approximately 25-30 double page spreads including a front cover. To do this I need to make my own branding, including the name and logo. The target audience for this project will be young adults aged between 16-25 as I feel I can relate more to the articles. This project will extend my knowledge of magazine editorial; it will challenge my creativity although I feel that have a good experience with magazine editing and layouts from previous projects. Using my previous skills I will not only use advertising in my magazine but my own research and articles I will create.


This project was set for me and the intended message was to show young adults about the fashion of the high street and the lifestyle of London as well as every day events they get up to. The format was an InDesign document, which was for an A5 magazine. The reason for making my magazine smaller than the average size is so that the audience could carry the magazine around in their bags more easily than an A4 booklet.  I feel that my magazine as a whole has definitely met the outcomes of the brief that I set out at the start because inside the magazine it includes fashion and lifestyle as well as getting the audience involved and interact with the brand. My magazine has a total of 100 pages/50 double page spreads which include 11 different articles overall.


I haven’t learnt any new skills in this project but I have gained a lot more experience using InDesign and also creating a whole magazine itself. The techniques I have explored throughout this project were digital media, which involved all three main publications of Adobe – Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I have also designed thumbnails which was hand drawn and created a background image for my A-Z pages using paint. As well as these I have used photography to make my magazine more personal to myself, this has been a great success as I tried a numerous about of times to make the poses and background right. My photography included outside backgrounds, using the studio to photograph a student in my course who is also the front cover, and finally some leg and shoe shots to go with my heels spreads.


In my research I looked at a high number of different magazines including Company magazine, Dazed and confused magazine, and cosmopolitan. I started off wanting my magazine similar to Company as this was the same target audience and their spreads were experimental as well as to the point. After a lot of different research I mixed ideas of this and added in some different magazine designs such as sampling the spreads down to Dazed and Confused but added in a bit or created imagery like Company.  I also started to look at different books on how they set their spreads out but I felt that this was not the same as a magazine so I decided that magazine are better to look at when thinking about spreads. For my front cover I started to look at Sidewalk magazine – a skating magazine – as the masthead had a clipping mask inside the typeface. Once I tried this on my own design it didn’t really relate back to anything inside my magazine so as of this I created a different font which also bleeds off the page to make it look similar to the Glamour magazine and Company Magazine. To start my project off I created a WordPress blog to update any research and development I did from start to finish, as of this I started my research with some book reviews, artists and magazine layouts. I then went on to find out what I liked about the research and put this into some masthead typefaces. I then got some inspiration from a college trip to London which gave me ideas to create a London and Shoreditch article based on the lifestyle and fashion I saw around the city. After coming up with some other ideas including A-Z of fashion, I wrote down some more ideas for articles which includes cookery, interviews, reviews on books, music and film, subscriptions and horoscopes. I feel that this really helped me to get some more ideas across digitally. I then went on to making a plan of my whole magazine in double page spreads. I started off with about 30 double page spreads and at the end of my project 50 double page spreads. Once I had all my research and ideas in place I decided to use some of my own photography and created some shots outside and also using the photography facilities at college. These did not go as planned as the background wasn’t clear and it was hard to edit the models out. As of this I decided to plan my photo shoots of what the models would wear and also how the stood. This was very successful and I used some of these photos were used for my front cover and high heel article. I also had a few class crits which helped me to get some feedback from other class members – this was useful for my A-Z of dresses as I changed the layout a number of times until I got the final design perfect. As a result I feel that I did a lot of different research to each different article which in the end were very successful.


I feel that my A-Z of dresses, reviews and high heel articles were my most successful articles out of my whole magazine as I used a number of different techniques and influences from my research to make them the best of my ability. I found that the hardest part of the whole project was to get the magazine started, as you can see from looking at my sketchbook I have a very unprofessional and simple layout using my own photography which used a lot of white space and was also quite dull. I feel that this proves to you how my skills have grown throughout the project and my ability to put a message across to the audience from each article and spreads have become clearer. I also felt that getting the right articles were difficult as well, this was because I needed to think what my audience would like to read and look at. On the other hand the easiest part of my project was creating my reviews pages as these were more text based than anything else. This gave me the opportunity to be creative and look back at my research and add shapes and colour over the body copy to make the page look more interesting. If I had to do this project again to improve anything I would definitely plan my time better and also take more photography to let the magazine feel more like my own work. I am really pleased with my final outcome and I know that once it is printed it will look professional and a piece of design that I can show off a keep for future reference. My outcome has also kept to my brief when the audience and outcomes are concerned and I know that if I was to see my magazine in the shop I would buy it as it has a mixture of fashion, lifestyle and other bits in it to make it different from another young adult magazine in the market right now.


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