Friday 24th May

Aims for today:

  • Number pages
  • Front cover done

Content Page Information

1-2 = On the cover

7-18 = high street fashion

19-32 = London and Shoreditch

33-38 = coffee spreads

39-53 = A-Z of fashion

54 = competition

57-70 = reviews

73- 80 = food pages

83-90 = instagram

91-96 = shoes

97-98 = …

Final shoe article designs

I am really pleased with the over all designs of this article as I have gone back to my research to form the effects of the colour and also the black and white imagery. On the first page of the article I have added some body copy underneath a low opacity heading which is the same as what my research is like. On the last page I changed the first paragraph to go over three columns to make it stand out more and also to make it looks less heavy. I feel that this is one of my favourite articles of my magazine and they are also consistent with my other pages because of the low opacity shape on the second page.




More Development of shoe article


This is another idea for the ‘5 things we love about heels’ page. I have moved the opening paragraph to the first two colums to make it stand out more than the other body copy. I have also added two black lines both above and below the type, this was to see if it looked more exciting than just having the type sitting there. As a result I am still not happy with the overall page although on the other hand  have sorted the background out to make sure than it is the same on both sides.


Shoe Article

Once I looked back at my designs I realized that the article did not have a purpose. In this case I went onto the internet and researched what shoe articles are around at the moment – this gave me the idea to have a ‘5 things we love about heels’ page. The design below: To sort this page out I need to make the background on both pages the same. I have added the numbers one to five which have a low opacity over the body copy.


Thursday 23rd May

Aims for today:

  • Carry on developing shoe article
  • If finished start on the final pages

Below are some more examples of experimentation on my shoe article. Still taking the influence from my research I have added a grey background to he images to make it even more abstract and effective towards the blue shapes and typeface.




Rough Idea for Shoe Article


I have taken inspiration from my research as you can see below. This article is about shoes and how women feel wearing high heels compared to their every day flats. I have used a black and white effect on the images as I have not used this in any other article. This is my own photography modelled by another student and I used photoshop to edit them to how they are now. I feel that the turquoise colour really stands out on the black and white which has also given me the idea to add shapes in with a low opacity other the image to add a bit of life to the article. I am still not happy with the final outcome as I still need to get the rest of the body copy and add more colour/shapes as necessary. Whilst creating this spread I also put the images at an angle but this was not successful as the image went jaggard which made the legs look unrealistic.